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Commission Structure


Composed of Contracting Party Delegations, the Commission carries out the objectives set forth in the 1966 International Convention for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas

Chair: R. Delgado (Panama)
1st Vice-Chair: S. Depypere (EU)
2nd Vice-Chair: Z. Driouich (Morocco)

Standing Committee on Finance and Administration (STACFAD)
Advises the Commission on matters relating to the Executive Secretary and his staff, on the budget of the Commission, on the time and place of meetings of the Commission, on publications of the Commission and on such other matters as may be referred to it by the Commission

Chair: H. Alper Elekon (Turkey)

Standing Committee on Research and Statistics (SCRS)
Develop and recommend to the Commission such policies and procedures in the collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of fishery statistics as may be necessary to ensure that the Commission has available at all times complete, current and equivalent statistics on fishery activities in the Convention area. For more information see SCRS.

Chair: Dr. Gary Melvin (CANADA)
Vice-Chair: Dr. Rui Coelho (EU-Portugal)

Responsible for keeping under review the species, group of species, or geographic area under its purview, and for collecting scientific and other information relating thereto. Based on investigations from the SCRS, Panels may propose to the Commission recommendations for joint action by the Contracting Parties

Panel 1: Tropical tunas (yellowfin, bigeye and skipjack)
Chair: Côte d'Ivoire

Panel 2: Northern temperate tunas (albacore and Atlantic bluefin)
Chair: Japan

Panel 3: Southern temperate tunas (albacore and southern bluefin)
Chair: South Africa

Panel 4: Other species (swordfish, billfishes, small tunas)
Chair: Brazil

Conservation and Management Measures Compliance Committee
Reviews all aspects of compliance with ICCAT conservation and management measures in the ICCAT Convention Area, with particular reference to compliance with such measures by ICCAT Contracting Parties.

Chair: D. Campbell (United States of America)

Permanent Working Group for the Improvement of ICCAT Statistics and Conservation Measures (PWG)
Obtains, compiles and reviews all available information on the fishing activities of non-Contracting Parties, for species under the purview of ICCAT, including details on the type, flag and name of vessels and reported or estimated catches by species and area.

Chair: N. Ansell (EU)

Standing Working Group on Dialogue between Fisheries Scientists and Managers (SWGSM)

Chair: R. Delgado (Panama)

Other groups
The Commission may convene other Working Groups as required.
Performs multiple administration and coordination functions for the Commission.

Executive Secretary: Mr. Camille Jean Pierre Manel