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At its 2014 meeting, the SCRS adopted the 2015-2020 Science Strategic Plan for the functioning and orientation of the SCRS. The components of the plan include a Mission, a Vision, a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis and the values or guiding principles of the plan.

The Plan also comprises Goals, Objectives, the Strategies to achieve each goal as well as measurable targets. A tentative work plan for the time period (scheduling of SCRS meetings) is also included and an estimated budget in the context of the envisioned needs and proposed work of the SCRS for the five year period. The Plan was developed during the Meeting of the Working Group for the Development of the SCRS Science Strategic Plan, held in April 2014 and later it was presented to the First Meeting of the Standing Working Group to Enhance Dialogue between Fisheries Scientists and Managers (SWGSM) in 2014.

The range of the Plan is extensive and ambitious aimed at providing a response to the changing demands on the SCRS and increased amount of work required from the Committee although the work plan is flexible and is open to revision according to requests by the Commission.

The Plan encourages the communication among the SCRS and the Commission and incorporates socio-economic aspects.

The Strategic Plan was presented and adopted by the Commission at its 2014 meeting in Genoa.