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The ICCAT Integrated Online Management System (IOMS) was adopted pursuant the Recommendation by ICCAT to continue the development of an Integrated Online Reporting System [Rec. 19-12], which supplements the Recommendation by ICCAT for the development of an Online Reporting System [Rec. 16-19]. This is a long-term project that aims to manage online (compile, validate, store, publish, etc.) and in a centralised manner, all the structured information reported by ICCAT Contracting Parties in accordance with the data requirements contained in the ICCAT regulatory measures, including the Article IX of the Convention.

The IOMS was initially funded (between 2019 and 2020) through voluntary contributions from the European Union, FAO, United States of America, Canada and Chinese-Taipei. In 2020 the Commission approved the inclusion of a specific budget for the IOMS within the regular budget. However, in order to further develop the IOMS, the European Union has kept its voluntary contribution since 2021 until now.

Due to the complexity and magnitude of the development, the Online Reporting Technology Working Group adopted a phased development approach that will be carried out by the ICCAT Secretariat, taking advantage of the existing ICCAT database system (ICCAT-DB). To access the IOMS you can visit (registration needed) the following URL:

Currently the project is still under development but can be used to complete Part 1 Annex 1 and Part 2 Section 3 of the Annual Report.

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