Biological studies

The biological studies are essential components of the GBYP research plan, particularly for better understanding the population structure of the Atlantic bluefin tuna. The efforts have been focused on the collection of hard parts for ageing and micro-constituent analysis, as well genetic sampling and related analysis. The analyses are related to ageing (using both otoliths and spines), growth, genetic studies and micro-constituent analyses for identifying possible sub-populations and micro-constituent studies for identifying the natal origin. Additional analyses have been carried out over the years, including the otolith shape, studies on additional spawning areas and specific genetic analyses for providing a further insight overview.

Year Document
Year Document
2023 Trueman et al. Thermal Sensitivity of Field Metabolic Rate Affects BFT Juveniles
2023 SCRS/2023/161 Artetxe-Arrate et al. Stock Identification and Connectivity with Otolith Chemistry
2023 SCRS/2023/160 Diaz-Arce et al. New Genetic Tools for BFT Monitoring
2023 Diaz Arce et al. Genetic Connectivity of BFT
2022 SCRS/2022/168 Ortiz et al. Weight Gain in Farms
2021 SCRS/2021/147 Ortiz et al. Weight Gain in Farms from Harvest DB
2021 SCRS/2021/145 Alemany et al. MPA Seasonal Growth in Farms
2021 SCRS/2021/137 Rodríguez-Marin et al. Otolith Reading Calibration
2021 SCRS/2021/043 Deguara et al. Growth in Farms Research Progress
2021 SCRS/2021/019 Ortiz et al. Size Distribution Caged Bluefin Turkish Farms
2020 SCRS/2020/129 BFT Farm Growth Subgroup Activities Status
2020 SCRS/2020/068 Rodríguez Marin et al. Calibration of FAS Readings
2020 Nature Scientific Reports 10, 14675, Brophy et al. Combining genetic markers with stable isotopes in otoliths
2019 SCRS/2019/198 Alemany et al. GBYP Growth in Farms Study
2019 SCRS/2019/176 Caria et al. Catch Origin Influence on LW And Sex Ratio
2019 SCRS/2019/154 Di Natale et al. Bluefin Tuna Fisheries
2019 SCRS/2019/144 Busawon et al. Ageing Protocol Evaluation
2019 Rodriguez-Ezpeleta et al. Determining Natal Origin
2018 SCRS/2018/172 Farley et al. Reproductive Parameters Eastern Western Bluefin
2018 SCRS/2018/156 Carruthers et al. Bluefin Life History Parameters
2018 SCRS/2018/127 Rodríguez-Marín et al. Juvenile Bluefin Otoliths Exchange
2018 SCRS/2018/126 Rodríguez Marín et al. Otolith Reading Protocol
2018 SCRS/2018/120 Di Natale et al. Bluefin Returning Black Sea
2017 SCRS/2017/216 Di Natale et al. YOY 2017 Unusual presence in Atlantic
2017 SCRS/2017/170 Rodríguez-Marín et al. Age-Length Keys and Growth Curve Reestimation
2017 SCRS/2017/041 Di Natale et al. 2016 YOY Disappearance from Coast
2017 SCRS/2017/040 Di Natale et al. YOY 2016 Peculiarity Mediterranean
2016 SCRS/2016/176 Di Natale Scientific Needs for Understanding Spawning Areas
2016 SCRS/2016/154 Cort et al. Lenght-Weight Relationship Analysis
2016 SCRS/2016/141 Di Natale et al. Literature Review Maturity
2016 SCRS/2016/140 Di Natale et al. BFT YOY 2015 Mediterranean Peculiarity
2016 SCRS/2016/133 Quelle et al. Age-Length Keys Availability
2016 J. Appl. Ichthyol., 32: 516–522, Karakulak et al. 2016, Morphometric Diferentiation Juveniles BFT and Euthynnus alletteratus
2015 SCRS/2015/177 Hanke et al. Age and Stock Identification Database
2015 SCRS/2015/154 Di Natale et al. 2015: Is BFT Facing Another 2003?
2015 SCRS/2015/049 Puncher et al. Novel Paleogenetic Techniques on Ancient Tuna Remains
2015 SCRS/2015/040 Rodríguez-Marín et al. Standardized Age-Length Key Based on Otoliths
2015 Reviews in Fisheries Science & Aquaculture, Vol. 23, Issue 1, Cort et al. 2015, Variability of Length-Weight Relationship
2015 Puncher, G. 2015, Thesis, Assessment of Population Structure and Temporal Changes in Spatial Dynamics and Genetic Characteristics
2015 PLoS ONE 10(7): e0130407, Puncher et al. 2015, Molecular Identification of Larvae and DNA Identification of Mediterranean Scombrids
2015 Marine and Freshwater Research 67(7) 1023-1036 Brophy et al. 2015, Otolith Shape Variation Stock Origen Marker
2015 ICES Journal of Marine Science Vol. 72, Issue 2, Pages 625–634 Fraile et al. 2015, Origin of BFT in the Bay of Biscay
2014 SCRS/2014/102 Di Natale Mediterranean Prediction Models
2014 Mar.Ecol.Prog.Ser. Vol. 504: 265–276, Rooker et al. 2014, Migratory and Homing Behaviour of ABFT
2013 SCRS/2013/083 Ortiz et al. Farm Harvest Size Frequency
2013 SCRS/2013/080 Rodríguez-Marín Age Determination Analyses
2013 SCRS/2013/074 Di Natale et al. GBYP Phase 1-3 Biological Studies
2012 SCRS/2012/149 Piccinetti et al. Eastern BFT Reproduction Areas Season
2012 SCRS/2012/029 Kell et al. Catch Curve Analysis