Recovering tagged tuna

It is clearly important to recover the tags and their associated metadata. ICCAT AOTTP is doing this by setting up tag recovery and awareness-raising teams in the most important fishing ports around the tropical Atlantic.

ICCAT AOTTP is also collaborating with local fisheries institutions and government.

The teams thus form part of an extensive network for awareness raising and tag recovery activities around the tropical Atlantic.

Recovery Team
Recovery Team discussing an ICCAT AOTTP poster

The tag recovery teams collaborate extensively with all relevant stakeholders, e.g. professional and recreational fishermen, the canning industries, local trade services, and scientific, fisheries management institutions.

Focal point activities

Implementing Tag/ ICCAT AOTTP Awareness Campaigns using a range of media including local radio stations, meetings, distributing text messages via mobile phones and informative posters.
Collecting all the necessary information from the tagged tuna recovered and from the finder of the tag. Note: if possible this is done at the recovery site itself and not via other media (e.g. phone, email).
If a red tag is reported, it is important to buy the complete tuna for biological sampling to determine its age, sex, weight etc.
Introducing all the metadata associated with each recovered tag using the Memento smartphone application developed by ICCAT AOTTP.
Managing payment and distribution of any rewards/incentives (e.g. cash, mobile phone top-ups and t-shirts).
Sending the information collected and recorded by smartphone to ICCAT AOTTP in Madrid either using the Telegram App or by e-mail.