ICCAT Record of Authorised Ports

The Recommendation amending the Recommendation 13-07 by ICCAT to Establish a Multi-annual Recovery Plan for Bluefin Tuna in the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean [Rec. 14-04] requires that each ICCAT Contracting Party, Cooperating non-Contracting Party, Entity or Fishing Entity fishing (CPC) for eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna shall designate ports in which transhipping of bluefin tuna is authorised and ports in which landing of bluefin tuna is authorised. Each CPC shall communicate a list of these ports to the ICCAT Secretariat by 1 March each year. For a port to be determined as designated port, the Port state shall specify permitted transhipping times and places or/and permitted landing times and places.

The Recommendation by ICCAT for an ICCAT Scheme for Minimum Standards for Inspection in Port [Rec. 12-07] requires CPCs wishing to grant access to their ports to foreign fishing vessels shall to designate their ports to which foreign fishing vessels may request entry pursuant to this Recommendation and the ICCAT Secretariat to establish and maintain a register of designated ports.

Rec. 12-07 also requires the publication of a list of point of contact for the purpose of receiving inspection reports pursuant to paragraph 22(b). For a list of contact points for reporting apparent infringments, please click here.

The ICCAT Record of Authorised Ports contains the lists of BFT ports and Ports authorised to receive foreign vessels designated by each CPC.

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