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Serial Number Lloyds/IMO Number Name of Vessel (Latin) Current Flag Owner Name Owner Address Owner Place Registration Operator Name Operator Address Radio Call Sign Date Included On List More Information...
20230003 Unknown ARPUTHA MATHA India SALBIN S/O CLEETUS 2-5/89. Near the Church, Thoothoor, Chinnathurai. India (nš IND-TN-15-MM-8581) 5/25/2023
20230004 Unknown BENEDICTA India PAUL SURGEN J S/O Jesinthappan, 205- 111-10-28, Near the government hospital, Thuthoor, Vilavancode, Kanniyakumari, Tamil Nadu 629176 India (nš IND-TN-15-MM-7325) 5/25/2023
20230005 Unknown EASRON India MR JELASTIN "S/O ANTHONY PILLAI, 17/17, St. Alphonsa Street, Thoothoor. Post. Kanniyakumari 629176 Tamil Nadu" India (nš IND-TN-15-MM-4861) 5/25/2023
20230006 Unknown EL SHADAI India REJIKUMAR S/O SILUVAIYAN Rejikumar S/O Siluvaiyan. 4/173, Kovilvilagam, Thoothoor, Chinnathurai India (nš IND-TN-15-MM-4424) 5/25/2023
20230007 Unknown EMMANUEL India SASIKUMAR 10/220a, New Hospital, Vilagam, Thoothoor India (nš IND-TN-15-MM-322) 5/25/2023
20230008 Unknown GIFT OF GOD India ANTHONY ROBERT T 3-9-110, Kovilvilakam, Thuthoor, Viancancode, Kanniyakumari India (nš IND-TN-15-MM-3587) 5/25/2023
20230009 Unknown SHARJI AMMA India LISTON S/O STEPHEN Unknown India (nš IND-TN-15-MM-6176) 5/25/2023
20230010 Unknown STAR OF THE SEA India SHIBU S/O SILUVAIYAN 1/1/449b, Tsunami Colony, Thoothoor, Chinnathurai India (nš IND-TN-15-MM-5557) 5/25/2023
20230011 Unkown YAHOVA NICY India NITHIN S/O SESADIMAI, 1-1-127 St. Joseph Colony, Eraviputhenthurai India (nš IND-TN-15-MM-6753) 5/25/2023
20230012 8524492 HE LI 1 HAO (Sinar Abadi 69) India GINSIL HOLDING SINGAPORE Pte Unkown Singapore nš 4252511 Uunkown (HP7651) 5/25/2023